Let me tell you a thing about Geigue and Maria.

If you haven’t played Mother 1 yet you are missing out on alien sads.

I wanted to draw some SatAM Archie ladies


My headcanon is that Ninten is a really chill cool guy but he doesn’t try to be (although he does lose his temper sometimes). And people really look up to him but he’s really oblivious to it.

Ana has a really obvious crush on him and sorta fawns over him their entire adventure but because of Ninten’s oblivious nature he doesn’t notice and he treats her like anyone, super nice! But as soon as Ana confesses to him he has a sudden realization that he really digs this chick and always had and gets really nervous.

I was drawing cute Ninten/Ana doodles until my hand slipped.

I imagine waiting for friends to be healed was hard and Ana prayed every time. And every time it got harder and harder to watch friends get hurt.

Isabelle’s lineart makes her look like a Peanuts character

Isabelle’s lineart makes her look like a Peanuts character

cartoonanimalfursonathings with kyle

cartoonanimalfursonathings with kyle

I’ve been craving to make a new sonic fan character for fun like I did when I was younger.

Penny is a amateur inventor/mechanic Fanatic who is aspiring to get good with machinery so she can help her boyfriend good friend Claws and improve his body.

Claws’s character is a bit under construction but all I know for sure is that he is a cyborg who was reanimated from the dead and wants to remember who his family is.

no mother 3 reference here his name is literally Claws because its a perfect pun and I didnt want to waste it